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My journey

I am often asked the question of how and why I came to gemmotherapy. I decided to tell you too, because the path was long and not in a straight line)

It seems that it all started 5-6 years ago, when our whole family was very sick with a staphylococcal infection and I was looking for some way to heal. But no, it all started much, much earlier...

Of course, in childhood. It's all from there. I remember in fragments what is now coming together like a puzzle, giving me the most explanations for why I am here, where I am, and why I am like this. For example, I always avoided pills, I don’t know why or how it happened, but I remember that as a teenager I often had severe migraines, and also extremely painful periods. I remember that my mother brought me a pill, put it on the table and asked if I wanted to drink it (thanks to her for asking me, thereby allowing me to make my own choice!) and I looked and thought that no, I can endure, I’ll wait for now and didn’t take it.... I also remember that my grandmother, my most beloved grandmother, to whom I was very attached, was very sick. And I thought and wondered how to help her. She didn’t believe that everything was hopeless, she told everyone that there had to be a way out, she knew what to look for...

Or here’s another... a clear example before my eyes is the example of my dad, who has suffered various bad things with his health throughout his life, and this post is not enough to describe. He, like me, never rushed to see doctors, but practiced 30-day fasting, running, yoga and meditation. And this was in those crazy 80-90s! He also gave me a couple of books that amazed me then. For example, I definitely remember Vladimir Levi’s book “The Art of Being Yourself.” This book was primarily about the ability to understand yourself, hear your symptoms and manage your health. But most importantly, she told me that the truth about my health is in me, I know the answers to all questions, they are in my head, and the responsibility for my health lies with me, no one else. Neither mom and dad, nor the doctor who prescribed the medicine or procedure.

Even then, I realized that when leaving the doctor’s office, it is not necessary to immediately run to the pharmacy for prescribed medications, that you should think, think about it, read the annotations and listen to your intuition, what it will say.

And then buy or not buy the recommended pills, go or not go for certain procedures. The decision is always mine, because this is my body, my organism and I decide for it.

Perhaps this is where it all started...

And also, on a funny note, I was a nurse on all my school trips, of which there were many. Yes, yes, I was in charge of the first aid kit, I always had a book with you that told you what to do if you are bitten by a tick or snake, how to disinfect water, how to treat a wound.... And this even happened!)

Next, my acquaintance with homeopathy began.

I was introduced to homeopathy when my second child was 8 months old. We went on vacation as a family to Odessa, everyone started getting sick with an adenovirus infection there, including our 7-month-old baby, and we returned home with a bunch of illnesses that never left us, although we followed all the doctors’ recommendations.

And the culmination of all this was that the youngest had otitis media, he was prescribed an antibiotic injection, I started treating him with it, but the temperature jumped to 41 and did not go down. And the worst thing is that it began to swell before my eyes.

Next is an ambulance, a hormone injection and the ambulance doctor’s demand to remove absolutely all medications. He said: “I don’t know how you will treat otitis media, but you cannot use medications now for this child.”

And we began to urgently look for alternative methods. A neighbor suggested contacting a homeopathic doctor, who was the head of our children's clinic. I remember this really amazed me and I thought I was ready to try. This is how we met our first homeopathic doctor, who essentially was our family doctor for another 5 years.

Aunt Zhenya, as we all called her, became my first mentor in the world of homeopathy. From her I was the first to hear that I should study, that I had abilities. And I really plunged headlong into homeopathic literature. I made my first appointments for my own children under her guidance.

I must say that I was very lucky to have mentors. And later, when Aunt Zhenya went to live in another country, I met the wonderful Vera Alekseevna Rudovskaya, and she also recommended that I study. Then there was Irina Anatolyevna Pozmogova, to whom I brought my mother, and she asked me with a smile what I would prescribe for her. When she recommended that I go to study, I finally decided.

I found homeopathy courses taught by Natalya Evgenievna Kostinskaya, and finally went to study for real. Now I already have more than one course and courses under my belt, more than one teacher and mentor, and in very distant countries. I don't feel any boundaries or limits to develop. And life got so crazy that I had to look for methods additional to homeopathy.

Homeopathy has been accompanying me for 20 years, but when did gemmotherapy appear?! And most importantly, how and why?

5 years ago, we suddenly started getting sick, the whole family. If anyone doesn’t know, I have a big family. We have five children, at that time they were in the age range of 4-19 years. What happened? Staphylococcal infection in the form of chronic furunculosis. All have 7s. Anyone who has encountered this knows that this is a very serious problem. I’ll even say differently, it was hell for us, which lasted 1.5 years. We couldn’t do without surgical intervention, we got sick non-stop, someone was always sick, but boils are very painful and very draining on the body. Different doctors, different hospitals, homeopathy, herbal medicine, antibiotics and bacteriophages, we haven’t tried anything. The disease did not go away. We have already begun to despair.

When you reach the bottom, there is always the opportunity to push off. I have so. And at some point, after a month-long course of antibiotics for the whole family at the same time, this problem left us for six months, and then... With renewed vigor... And at that moment I read in one Facebook group about gemmotherapy. I became interested and started looking for homeopathic doctors who knew about the method. But everyone shrugged their shoulders. Why did you search among homeopaths? Because all the sources that I read said that it is homeopaths who use gemmotherapy in their practice.

And I decided to go study myself. I ordered Lauren Hubele's books, bought the first course and.... I plunged into it headlong. Then the second course, an in-depth course and a gift from my husband - a trip to France, where Lauren also arrived at that moment. It seemed like some good movie that I was watching to myself.

Meeting Lauren, living under one roof in the small French town of Foix, walking, talking for days on end. I remember Lauren telling me: “Ask me any questions that come to mind, I will tell you everything and share everything!” I asked why? And she answered me: “I was lucky with mentor teachers in my time, I understand how important it is to be able to share your knowledge and experience.” And I asked my countless questions, and Lauren answered. This is how my story as a gemotherapist began.

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